Silo Mortars

Developed in Germany over 60 years ago, dry mortar and dry mortar systems have become the dominant and most trusted forms of mortars in many countries worldwide. Kilsaran is the market leaders in dry mortar technology and provides the most comprehensive portfolio of dry mortar products and services to the Irish construction industry. Kilsaran’s dedicated staff has dry mortar expertise spanning 25 years and is committed to helping you find the most suitable mortar product for your project.

Here at Kilsaran, we offer a range of factory-produced masonry, rendering, screeding and Streetscape mortars, all manufactured in computerised batching facilities to strict factory production control requirements. Kilsaran KPRO mortar products are supplied as blended dry products,  delivered directly to site in Kilsaran silos, each complete with an integral mixing unit. The silo only requires a power supply and water source to supply the project with high quality and consistent mortar at the touch of a button. The automated mixing process eliminates all inaccuracies associated with site mixing.

Kilsaran silos are delivered to the project site with 12 tonnes of dry material and can hold up to 33 tonnes when full. This large silo capacity allows for fewer road deliveries, and this, coupled with less mortar waste, helps reduce the environmental impact and overall carbon.



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