KPRO Grout TJM Rapid

Product Application
Kilsaran KPRO Grout TJM Rapid is a pre-blended, cementitious, thixotropic jointing mortar for the
pointing and trowelling of precast panels and units. It is suitable for use in vertical and horizontal applications at gap thicknesses of 5-75mm, in the following applications:

• Pointing Structural gaps in precast units.
• Providing permanent in-situ shuttering in pre-cast panel joints for future grouting.


Product Use
Mixing: To achieve a plastic thixotropic mortar, mix the contents of a 25kg bag with 3.0 – 3.7 litres of clean potable water. Using excessive water affect the overall performance of the product. Mixing should be carried out in a suitable container by using a paddle or force action mixer. The powder should be added gradually to the measured water in the mixing vessel and mixed for until a smooth, plastic consistency is achieved. Do not over mix. Once mixed no further water should be added. Only mix enough material to allow placement within 20 minutes.

Placing: KPRO Grout TJM Rapid is used for vertical and horizontal applications from 5-75mm in thickness. All surfaces must be clean and free from laitance, dust, debris and all oils etc. The area to be grouted should be pre-soaked (ensuring no ponded water) prior to placing of the mortar. The grout should be placed as soon as possible after mixing to guarantee the maximum physical properties performance.

Fill the void/gap with the fresh mortar by means of a suitable pointing/caulking gun, or by pointing trowel. Once the material has picked up it should be tooled to give the desired finished texture, flush with the surrounding surfaces.

This product offers many advantages over conventional site mixed or ready-mixed materials:
• Shrinkage compensated formula
• High early and ultimate strength
• Pre-blended to provide consistent mix
• Can be placed with a pointing gun or pointing trowel
• Long term durability
• Rapid setting

Kilsaran KPro Grout TJM 3D Bag Visual

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