KPRO Façade Dash Receiver

Product Application

Kilsaran Façade Dash Receiver is a through coloured rendering mortar designed as a backing coat for receiving dashing stone. It is formulated to give an extended open time, allowing the dashing stone to be received with greater ease and less rebound.

Product Use

Kilsaran Dash Receiver is suitable for both hand and machine application. The fresh product should be applied over a suitably prepared and cured render undercoat. Kilsaran Dash Receiver should be applied in 7-10mm coat and levelled using a straight edge or darby. Dashing stone should be evenly applied to the freshly rendered surface and tamped into place with a wooden float if required.


This product offers many advantages over conventional site mixed or ready-mixed rendering mortars:
• Use over GP Render
• Eliminates inaccuracy of site mixing
• Extended open time.
• Low shrinkage/good crack resistance
• Choice of colours available


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