KPRO Street Priming Slurry

Product Application
Kilsaran KPRO Street Priming Slurry is a polymer modified cementitious slurry, designed to give exceptional bond between bases, all types of paving units and their bedding material. The product is formulated for use in conjunction with Kilsaran HSBC to provide an adhesion strength of greater than 2 N/mm², as per the requirements of BS 7533.

Product Use
Suitable for use in temperatures between +5°C and +30°C. Ensure the supporting base is stable, sound and free from any dust, dirt or grease. Once clean the base should be presoaked and have all ponded water removed prior to application of the priming slurry. Kilsaran Priming Slurry should be mixed with 5.0-5.4 litres of clean potable water per 20kg bag of material for 3-4 minutes to reach the desired consistency, suitable for priming. Once mixed apply a 1mm-2mm coat of priming slurry to the pre-soaked base. Following installation of the bedding material, such as Kilsaran HSBC, all paving units should be pre-soaked and then have their bedding face coated with a 1mm-2mm coat of the priming slurry and then placed into position.

This product offers many advantages over conventional site mixed or ready-mixed rendering mortars:
• Eliminates inaccurate site mixing
• Complies with BS 7533
• Improves adhesive strength of paving
• Convenient and user-friendly
• Eliminates wastage

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