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Click Below for our Technical Library in; Paving & Walling, Aggregates, Asphalt, Dry Products, External Wall Insulation, Masonry Block, Ready Mix Concrete, Paving Sealing and Jointing, Trowel Ready Mortar, Floor Screed and Gro Lime.

  • Paving & Walling
  • KPRO Facades & Mortars
  • External Wall Insulation
Guidance Docs
KPRO Facade Roughcast
KPRO Masonry Cladding Mortar
KPRO Masonry Roof Tile Mortar
KPRO Masonry Hydraulic Lime Mortar
KPRO Masonry Coloured Masonry Mortar
KPRO Masonry Mortar
KPRO Grout NSG 2601
KPRO Grout Dry Pack 50
KPRO Grout NSG2601-HF
KPRO Repair CRM-203
KPRO Repair CSM-100
KPRO Repair CSM-101
KPRO Repair CRM-201
KPRO Repair CSM-120
KPRO Floor FLS-410
KPRO Floor FLS-401
KPRO Floor FLC-301
Merrion Paving Flags
KPRO Facade DuraRend
KPRO Facade GP Render
KPRO Facade Super Bond Render
KPRO Facade Dash Receiver
KPRO Facade Hydraulic Lime Render
KPRO Crete Post 10
KPRO Crete Multi-Purpose Concrete
KPRO Crete Rapid Setting Concrete
KPRO Crete 3:1
KPRO Crete Patio
KPRO Street Priming Slurry
KPRO Street Rapid Set Jointing Mortar
KPRO Street RRC60
KPRO Street T60
CT 60 - Acrylic Plaster, Stone Like Structure, Grain 0.5MM
CT 138 - Mineral Top Coat Render
CT 85 Adhesive and Reinforcing Mortar for EPS boards
CT 87 - Adhesive and Reinforcing Mortar for EPS/MW'2 in 1'
CT 99 - BIocide - Anti Fungal Wash
ZS - Adhesive Mortar for EPS Boards
ZU - Adhesive and Reinforcing Mortar for EPS Boards
CT 710 Visage - Decorative 'Natural Stone' Plaster
Shelbourne Paving Flag
CT 74 - Silicone Plaster, Stone like Structure, Grain 1.5mm or 2.5mm
CT 177 - Mosaic Plaster, Grain 1.0-1.6mm
CT 79 Impactum - Elastomeric Plaster, Stone Texture, Grain 1.5mm
CT 83 - Adhesive Mortar for EPS Boards
CT 84 - Express PU - Foam Adhesive for EPS Boards
CT 280 Winter - Accelerating Addive Mortars
CT 325 TT160 - Glass Fibre Mesh
CT 327 TT330 - Glass Fibre Mesh
CT 48 - Silicon Paint
CT 49 Silix XD - Nano Silicone Paint
Killeen Paving Flag
CT 60 - Acrylic Plaster, Stone like Structure, Grain 1.5mm, 2.0mm or 2.5mm
CT 64 - Acrylic Plaster, Woodworm like Structure, Grain 2.0mm
Newgrange Paving Flag
CT 180 - Adhesive Mortar for Mineral Wool
CT 190 - Adhesive and Reinforcing Mortar for Mineral Wool
Connemara Walling
Cooley Brick
CT 240 Winter - Accelerating Additive
Corduroy Tactile Paving
CT 100 Impactum
CT 136 - Dry Dash Receiver
CT 16 - System Primer
Blister Tactile Paving
CT 174 - Silicate-Silicone Plaster, Stone like Structure, Grain 1.5mm or 2.0mm
Kiln Dried Jointing Sand
Recessed Manhole Cover
Corrib Paving Block
Lismore Paving Block
Mellifont Paving Block
Newgrange Paving Block
Clima Pave Mellifont
Clima Pave Newgrange
Clima Pave Belvedere Flag
Mellifont Kerb Stone
Kerb Block & Kerb Sett
Clima Pave Killeen Flags
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