Health & Safety

Health and safety is important to us at Kilsaran. We aspire to achieve the lowest level of incidents and accidents, with no harm to people and no damage to the environment. To deliver this, we carefully plan our operations, identifying potential hazards and managing risks at every stage.

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Kilsaran Health & Safety Committee

We at Kilsaran International recognise our employees are our most valued assets.

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Human Performance in Health & Safety

People are our number one asset.

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4. Technology & Systems

Technology & Systems 

Kilsaran invest heavily in world-class technology and systems for all of their processes and business areas.

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Contractor Safety

A significant amount of the hours worked by Kilsaran are carried out by contractors.

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Choosing the right contractor
6. Risk Management

Risk Management 

Kilsaran is a family owned company with a very interactive and proactive CEO and Board of Directors who make it their business to know about their operational risks on a daily basis.

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Transport & Fleet Safety 

Fleet management, along with driver safety, are a combined element where general risk management needs to be heavily focused.

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7. Transport
8. Ready mix

Ready-Mix Concrete Operations

Kilsaran  does not “simply manufacture concrete”, but it develops risk-based processes and procedures on how we make, process and deliver our Ready Mix Concrete safely with minimal harm to the environment and no harm to personnel or our valued customers.

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Quarry Safety

Kilsaran and all contract companies and personnel who work for us in Quarrying Operations must comply with the health and safety procedures, and requirements as laid out in the following:

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10. Roadsurfacing

Road Surfacing Safety

Kilsaran are suppliers of a full range of standard and proprietary bituminous products to the infrastructure and construction industry.

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Manager Training and Development

All of our Managers and Supervisors across Ireland work extremely hard at ensuring their sites, plants and facilities operate as safely as possible.

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11. Manager Training
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