External Wall Insulation

We lose 40% of our heat through the walls of our homes and businesses. With Winters getting increasingly cold and energy bills rising, it's little wonder that external wall insulation is becoming increasingly popular. We distribute the market leading Ceresit-Ceretherm System in Ireland.

EWI is applied to the outside of the building, minimising disruption to the inside of the building.  External Wall Insulation is used on a wide variety of buildings from retrofitting existing homes to new buildings such as schools, homes and hospitals. 

Henkel offers their system through Kilsaran, a comprehensive range of External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems (ETICS) for facade insulation, with high compatibility and reliability of all its elements, confirmed by local and European approvals and evaluations. Our Ceresit Ceretherm systems significantly lower down energy consumption of the building and its costs, ensure comfortable and balanced temperature inside your house, raise its market value with energy passport and protect the environment. Moreover with diverse offer of final coatings, the systems protect the facade from weather or mechanical impacts and make it look beautiful and trendy. Just have a look on our coloristic pallets of Colours of Nature, Intense or natural effect plasters line of Visage with different structures which are perefctly compatible with all our systems. Ceresit Ceretherm ETICS systems are tailored to varied needs- like super quick installation, convenience, excessive protection against humidity, dirt pick up or heavy weather impacts. Whatever you choose, you can be sure to obtain a reliable, high quality insulation with carefully selected components. 

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