Thermaphalt (Warm Mix Asphalt)

The main purpose for Thermaphalt  (warm mix asphalt) is to reduce our emissions
and our overall carbon footprint.
Kilsaran’s Thermaphalt products use ‘warm mix asphalt’
technology and are produced by a new technology that produces much lower
temperatures than traditional asphalt products resulting in up to 25% reduction
in CO2



WMA releases less heat and pollution during its production and application. This greatly diminishes the environmental degradation associated with the conventional Hot Mix Asphalt

Thermaphalt Trial on Public Road

Thermaphalt was utilised on a live project in Co. Meath on the R147 which was a trial on behalf of Meath Co. Council and TII which demonstrates the benefits of using RAP and WMA combined


The asphalt mix on the trial project contained RAP and warm mix additives. The additive used allowed us to produce at a lower temperature. The analysis of the readings showed a significant reduction of CO2 emissions when producing the asphalt.


In addition, our on-site feedback indicated that in terms of laying and compaction there weren’t any significant differences from the procedures used for conventional HMA. The one major difference was a positive one where fumes and steam from the material were eliminated during the application of this particular mix.

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