KPRO Masonry Hydraulic Lime Mortar

Product Application
Kilsaran Hydraulic Lime Mortars are general purpose mortars suitable for use with most common brick work, block work and stone work applications. They are flexible and breathable making them ideal for use in new building work and also the restoration of old and historic buildings.

Product Use
Kilsaran Hydraulic Lime Mortars should be mixed with clean potable water until a creamy workable mix is achieved. Our hydraulic lime mortars should be used in accordance with the Foresight Best Practice Guide (published by Donhead 2003).

This product offers many advantages over conventional site mixed or ready-mixed mortar:
• Consistently high quality
• Environmentally friendly
• Eliminates inaccurate site mixing
• Breathable and flexible
• Ideal for restoration projects
• Convenient and user-friendly
• Eliminates wastage
• Promotes cleaner and safer sites

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