Stairs and Landing

Kilsaran Precast provides a precast Stairs and Landing package suitable for use on most construction projects. Stair flight waist thicknesses typically range from 150mm to 250mm, spanning between 2m and 5m. Landings are generally 200mm thick with a 75mm screed. Both elements are cast using a 50N self compacting compact.

Straight stair flights are generally cast in a reuseable steel mould, whereas non standard flights, with cast on landings etc. are sometimes cast in project specific timber moulds. A significant Health and Safety benefit with a precast stairs is that once fitted, an immediate safe and secure access pathway between floors has been provided.

Stairs and Landing are typically supplied as part of our Stair and Lift Cores solution, alongside one of our other Precast construction solutions to provide a full Precast building.

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