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Innovation is the cornerstone of Kilsaran’s ideology, in fact it forms our mantra, ‘ideas taking shape’! We have a number of dedicated research and innovation laboratories whose core function is to develop new construction materials for the sector aiding in the creation of greener, more sustainable and higher performance building developments.

In 2022, Kilsaran established a dedicated Research and Innovation department. Our ‘RI’ department is group wide with dedicated RI leads and laboratories for each of our business units.

CarbonCure and Water Conservation

Kilsaran uses CarbonCure™ technology in our ready-mixed concrete products, collaborating with Carboncure Technologies to repurpose CO2, reducing the carbon footprint of concrete. The technology involves injecting captured CO2 into fresh concrete, mineralizing it into solid limestone particles. This not only reduces emissions but also enhances concrete strength, potentially reducing cement content.

We are committed to water conservation, utilizing water harvesting in all our concrete manufacturing facilities, allowing us to store and treat captured water for reuse in concrete production.

Our incorporation of reclaimed asphalt pavements (RAP) and Warm Mix Asphalt (WMA) technology in production results in a more sustainable pavement material. This approach reduces fuel consumption and air emissions by up to 25% and promotes material circularity by reducing the need for virgin aggregates and bitumen.

ClimaPhalt and ClimaPave

Kilsaran’s ClimaPhalt and ClimaPave products offer sustainable solutions for urban drainage systems, allowing for the management of water runoff, reduction of downstream flooding, improved water quality, rainwater collection, and groundwater recharge.


Our external wall insulation systems significantly reduce energy consumption, with correct insulation leading to up to a 40% reduction in heating energy use. This not only benefits energy efficiency but also contributes to cleaner air quality.

In 2022, we expanded our group with the creation of Kilsaran Materials Recovery and Recycling. We process excavated land waste into compliant aggregates and sand for our building materials, promoting a circular economy, reducing carbon emissions, and diverting spoil from landfills.


We provide Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) conforming to industry standards and third-party verified. These EPDs offer data on a product’s environmental impacts and lifecycle, assisting the industry during project design and specification stages.

Carbon Cure First Load
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