This project is a pavement and traffic calming project to improve safety for vulnerable road users along with improving the aesthetics of the town. 

Project Address:  Virginia Town Centre, Co.Cavan
Location: Ulster

Sector: Residential

Products Used:

Eden White Granite Blocks (300mm x 200mm x 80mm)

Slane Charcoal Blocks (200mm x 100mm x 80mm)

Pembroke Black Granite Flags (600mm x 200mm x 80mm)

Newgrange Silver Granite Cobbles (100mm x 100mm x80mm)

High Strength Bedding Concrete (HSBC)

Priming Slurry

Rapid Setting Jointing Mortar

Main Contractor: S Wilkin & Sons

Architect & Landscape Architect: Cavan County Council

Laying Contractor: D&C Paveright

Client: Cavan County Council

Year of Completion: 2022

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