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Kilsaran were delighted to win a Concrete Society Award for the Perrott’s Inch Bridge project on the University College Cork campus at the Annual Irish Concrete Society Awards.

25 projects were entered into this year’s main awards with strong entries in all three categories for infrastructure, building and elemental. The Perrott’s Inch Bridge project won the overall winner award on the night, as well as winning the elemental category.

This modern day sculpture designed by O’Donnell + Tuomey highlights the plasticity of Kilsaran concrete to create elegant forms in the differing conditions at each side of the bridge.

This project is an integral component of the University Environmental Development Plan and a delightful addition to the banks of the Lee, facilitating pedestrian connectivity across the river within the #UCC campus.


A meticulously detailed larch and jatoba timber bridging structure spans the 27 meter river bed resting lightly on two special finish concrete abutments.

These concrete abutments are modelled to provide steps, ramps, walls and seats. Applied finishing techniques- sandblasting, grinding, polishing and trowelling- bring special finishes to this everyday material. 
– O’Donnell + Tuomey

Sector  Public

Engineer Horganlynch

Architect  O’Donnell + Tuomey

Contractor L & M Keating

Date 2018


You can learn more about these products or view product specifications here:

Cavanagh Bridge_UCC_Kilsaran_Concrete
Cavanagh Bridge_UCC_Kilsaran_Concrete
Cavanagh Bridge_UCC_Kilsaran_Concrete

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