The redevelopment of the Curragh Racecourse respects both the great heritage of the Curragh and the importance of celebrating the unique landscape of the Curragh plains whilst retaining the intimate and distinctive character of the existing racecourse grounds.

Project Address: Newbridge, Co. Kildare

Location: Leinster

Sector: Commercial 

Products Used: 

Architectural Concrete 

Cem Floor Liquid Screed

Masonry Blocks 

Standard M4 Mortar

Coloured M4 Mortar

KPRO Street High Strength Bedding Concrete (HSBC)

KPRO Street Priming Slurry

KPRO Rapid Setting Jointing Mortar

KPRO Crete Rapid Setting Concrete

Asphalt Products

Contractor: John Sisk & Son

Client: John Sisk & Son

Year of Completion: 2019




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