Sprayed Concrete


Sprayed concrete or shotcrete as it is more commonly known, is a highly specialised concrete which is applied in situ at high velocity through a pump using a spray nozzle at the point of application. The design, planning and application of sprayed concrete requires specialised equipment and experience.

Product Application:

Sprayed concrete is typically applied to vertical and inclined surfaces such as embankments and tunnels as well as when free forming complex shapes. Typical end use applications include:

  • Mining and tunnelling
  • Embankment stabilisation
  • Water retaining structure lining and refurbishment

Kilsaran can provide sprayed concrete in both conventional concrete delivery vehicles, 25kg bags and for larger projects a dry silo site solution can be provided.

Product Features:

A sprayed concrete mix will be designed to suit the end use application. The concrete is typically a fines rich (high cement and sand) mix with a smaller nominal aggregate size (4mm or 10mm) combined with specialist admixtures to aid placement, adhesion and minimise material rebound during the application process.

Steel or polypropylene fibres can be added to the sprayed concrete mix to aid fresh and hardened (structural) properties while admixtures to accelerate setting time can also be incorporated into the mix. Sprayed concrete can be used to form freeform shapes such as swimming pools and skating areas and pigment can be added to the mix where the concrete aesthetics are important.

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