Heavyweight Concrete


The use of heavyweight aggregates allows to achieve significantly higher density concrete compared with ordinary concrete. The weight of normal concrete is around 2400kg/m3, whereas the density of heavyweight concrete can be increased up to 4000kg/m3. Such a high density allows to use concrete for a special spectrum of purposes, where normal concrete in not suitable.

Product Application:

  • Hospital radiation rooms/bunkers
  • Nuclear waste containers
  • Research & laboratory radiation shielding
  • Tunnels
  • Bridges
  • Pipelines (concrete weight coating)

Product Features:

  • Increased weight and/or density
  • Reduced risk of thermal cracking
  • Improving high radiation shielding characteristics
  • Improve noise and vibration dampening properties


Additional Notes:

  • Available from limited locations.
  • The full concrete specification is required.
  • Due to the UK source of raw material extensive job pre-planning is necessary.
  • Material is supplied only on demand with exact required quantities.

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