Bulk Aggregates

Kilsaran offer a wide selection of bulk aggregates including crushed rock, natural sand and gravel, as well as aggregates for specialist end use. Our locations are strategically located for speed of delivery to site. As a major supplier of both primary, secondary and recycled aggregates, we offer a broad range of materials which enables us to fulfill contracts of any size.

Aggregate types:

Our bulk aggregate types include limestone and gritstone.

Progressive stages of crushing and screening allows us to produce a wide range of aggregate types, size’s and grading. Additionally, we can offer a range of high polished stone value (PSV) materials for use in the asphalt and specialist road surface treatment / surface dressing markets.

Available products:

  • Crushed hard rock materials of various sizes
  • Natural rounded single sized gravels
  • Fine aggregates (0/4 Dust, 0/2, 0/4 Sand)
  • Single sized and graded crushed aggregates (2/6.3, 4/10, 10/14, 14/20, 20/31.5 etc.)
  • Agricultural lime to the Department of Agriculture specification
  • Crushed fill materials of various sizes
  • Drainage materials (NRA / Tii series 500)
  • Fill materials (NRA / Tii series 600)
  • Sub base materials (NRA / Tii series 800)
  • Unbound granular fill for use under concrete floors and paths (S.R. 21 Annex E)

Typical use of our aggregates:

  • Ready-mix concrete/precast
  • Concrete blocks/pavers
  • Aggregates for use in asphalt production
  • Surface dressing aggregates
  • Road construction materials (NRA / Tii)
  • Building materials / granular fill (S.R. 21 specified material)
  • Railway track ballast
  • Water/effluent filtration
  • Pipe bedding and drainage media
  • Sea/river defences


All Kilsaran aggregate sources are CE Marked and where required independently third party certified to the following standards:

  • S. EN 12620 (Aggregates for concrete) System 2+
  • S. EN 13043 (Aggregates for bituminous mixtures and surface treatments for roads, airfields and other trafficked areas) System 2+
  • S. EN 13139 (Aggregates for mortar)
  • S. EN 13383-1 (Armourstone)
  • S. EN 13450 (aggregates for railway ballast)
  • S. EN 13242 (Aggregates for unbound & hydraulically bound materials for use in civil engineering work & road construction) System 2+
  • S. EN 13285 (Unbound mixtures – specifications)
  • NRA / Tii – Specification for road works (Series 500,600 & 800)

All aggregates are tested and verified on a routine basis by our laboratory staff at our INAB accredited testing laboratories in line with our approved factory production control quality management systems.

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