Fiona Dowling

Kilsaran’s Financial Systems Manager, Fiona Dowling joined  the company in 1991. Fiona is another example of how hard work, a willingness to grow and learn can lead to further career opportunities in the workplace.

Kilsaran has a culture of developing talent from within the company and will support training and development in the workplace. Fiona has seen Kilsaran expand and evolve over the last three decades. She attributes Kilsaran’s success to the company’s ethos for personal development and professional progression.

With Fiona’s background in accountancy, she has embraced the opportunity to up-skill. Up-skilling has allowed Fiona to maximise her potential, most notably, when she placed first in Ireland and UK for her one of her Professional Accountancy Exams. Such achievements and high standards has lead Fiona’s success in her role as Financial Systems Manager.

Leaving work life aside, Fiona loves to travel and explore new cities, cultures and experiences. The mum of two also likes to get stuck into a good book as often as she can!


What do you enjoy most about your role?

I get great job satisfaction when I oversee a project from conception to completion passing on efficiencies and benefits to the end-users.


What is it like to work for Kilsaran?

Working with Kilsaran is a challenge like no other – no two days are the same for me. It is fast paced and exciting. The ethos and attitude adopted in the workplace is one of loyalty, team work and good morale. 

This culture allows for a massive amount of employee involvement, flexibility and collaboration, all the time knowing that you are valued by your superiors.

How has Kilsaran supported that development?

Senior Management within the organisation have made a massive impact on my progression, particularly the mentoring I received from Tom McCarthy over the past ten years. I was extremely fortunate to have the exposure to learn from his work ethic and continuous encouragement, which gave me the confidence and ability to lead projects and site teams.

Kilsaran really gave me the platform to show my capabilities and let me stand on my own, and I suppose the results proved that I could do it. They’re very proactive in individual development and encouraging people to perform to the best of their ability.

Any advice to those considering a career at Kilsaran or in Financial Systems?

It’s a challenging job, but it’s extremely rewarding. If you are prepared to be flexible and have a willingness to learn then opportunities will always come your way.


Want to take your career to the next level?

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