environmental monitoring

Environmental Monitoring

Whilst a good Environmental Management System (EMS) will ensure that mitigation of environmental impact is forefront to the operation of any extractive site, it is equally important that emissions are monitored on a regular basis to ensure that the impact from the quarry is not significant.

Conditions attached to the planning consents for pits and quarries routinely contain conditions setting emission limit values for dusts, noise, blasting, surface and groundwater.

At Kilsaran a large amount of environmental monitoring data is collected and reported annually across its portfolio of quarries and pits. Dust deposition is measures continuously at around 60 locations, with monthly average dustfall being reported. Noise monitoring is carried out at around 50 locations monthly and every blast at every quarry is monitored for ground vibration and blast noise. Groundwater levels are recorded at least monthly in over 70 wells in and around the company’s quarries. Further monitoring data is accumulated in compliance with licenses for surface water quarry discharges and emissions to air from our asphalt plants.

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