Project Address: Belfield, Co Dublin

Location: Leinster 

Sector: Educational / Residential

Products Used: 

Paving and Walling Products:

ClimaPave Newgrange 

– Silver Granite 

ClimaPave Slane

– Charcoal 
– Natural 
– Silver Granite 
– Black Granite 

Lismore Paving Block 

– Charcoal
– Natural
– Silver Granite

Newgrange Paving Block

– Silver & Black Granite

KPRO Streetscape System:

KPRO Street High Strength Bedding Concrete

KPRO Street Priming Slurry

KPRO Street Rapid Setting Jointing Mortar

KPRO Masonry Coloured Masonry Mortar

Architect: Reddy Architecture

Contractor: JJ Rhatigan

Landscape Architect: Mitchell & Associates

Client: University College Dublin

Year of Completion: 2021

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