The Project

Spire Healthcare opened a £60m flagship hospital in Nottingham. The hospital was built with extensive input from consultants, staff and patients alike.

The state-of-the-art facility offers patients a wide range of integrated surgical, medical and diagnostic services that will meet the needs of Nottingham and its surrounding areas for years to come.


The Product

This project used a diverse collection of paving styles and finishes comprising of Kilsaran’s Inish Curragh Gold tumbled, Kilsaran’s Mellifont Natural Antiqued, our Pembroke Slate concrete paving and a granite sett was carefully selected to fulfill  the overall look and feel on both a practical and design sense.


The Process

The entrance to the hospital required a hard landscaped area that could accommodate a variety of vehicular and pedestrian traffic while remaining attractive and being clearly identifiable as the single entrance into the hospital site.

Paving providers Hardscape helped source a variety of suitable materials for both pedestrian and vehicular use. This resulted in a design which used alternative materials to  complement the building and create a high quality entrance plaza to the development.


The People

  • Client: Spire Healthcare
  • Paving Supplier: Hardscape
  • Architect: TPM Landscapes
  • Location: Nottingham, UK
  • Product: Kilsaran Inish, Mellifont, Pembroke and Tactile paving.
  • Photo Credit: Hardscape
You can learn more about these products or view product specifications here:
Kilsaran_Paving_Inish_Melliont_Pembroke_Spire Nottingham_Hospital 3 (1)
Kilsaran_Paving_Inish_Melliont_Pembroke_Spire Nottingham_Hospital_2

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