Superflat & Jointless Flooring Concrete


Super flat & Jointless flooring are concrete floors built to tighter tolerance with no intermediate joints up to 6000m2. The reduction of joint’s reduces cracks and maintenance of the slab while increasing the performance and durability of the concrete.

Product Application:

A concrete mix composition with steel fibres is incorporated into the concrete mix to provide structural load bearing capacity and to remove shrinkage induced cracking which is can occur using conventional steel bars.

Product Features:

  • No joints up to 6,000m2
  • Flatter floors smooth operation for forklifts better productivity
  • Faster operation of forklifts as no slowing down for joints better productivity
  • Low maintenance due to no joints
  • Curling of joints is eliminated
  • Functionality and flexibility of the floor are much better as racking and Equipment can be placed anywhere on the floor without consideration of floor joints
  • Shrinkage and crack control
  • Increased tensile, compression, shear flexural strength
  • High impact strength
  • Faster construction

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