Pumped Concrete


Kilsaran offer a wide range of ready-mix concrete pump mixes which are manufactured using a variety cement combination’s in accordance with I.S EN 206:2013


Product Application:

Pump mixes are designed to have an increased workability and added cohesion which will assist the pumping, placing, and finishing of the concrete. Pump mixes are designed to be pumped through a static and mobile pump.


Product Features:

  • Concrete mixes typically can be pumped from an S3(120mm) slump to S5(200mm) slump class
  • Typical concrete strengths ranging from C16/20 to C40/50 (Higher strength concrete mixes can be designed if required)
  • Ground Blast Furnace Slag, fibres (Including steel fibres), pigments and special admixtures can be designed into the concrete mix

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