The use of lightweight aggregates allows to achieve lower density concrete. The weight of normal concrete can be reduced by around 20%. Density class D2.0 can be achieved by using coarse lightweight aggregates. By replacing both standard coarse and fine aggregates density class D1.8 can be achieved. Density classes of lightweight concrete are given in I.S. EN 206:2013+A1:2016. The concrete compressive strength up to 38N/mm2 can be pumped.

Product Application:

  • Long span structures with high ratio of dead to live loading,
  • Insulation of water pipes
  • Filling for floor and roof slabs,
  • Additional flooring on top older structures
  • High rise buildings with reduced density.

Product Features:

  • Reduce dead loads making savings in foundations and reinforcement,
  • Improving thermal properties.
  • Improving fire resistance.
  • Reduce transportation costs.
  • Reduction in size and number of structural members.

Available from limited locations. The full concrete specification is required. Due to the UK source of raw material extensive job pre-planning is necessary. Material is supplied only on-demand with exact required quantities.  

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