General Purpose Concrete


A range of concrete mixes can be provided for various general-purpose applications. It is important that the end use / application is considered carefully and where structural and durability requirements exist, a competent professional should specify the requirements for the concrete in accordance with I.S. EN 206 and project specific requirements. The specification is reviewed by the concrete supplier to offer the most appropriate concrete mix to meet these predetermined requirements. It is equally important to advise on the requirements for workability (e.g. slump) and the method of placement such as direct pour from the truck, concrete skip or concrete pump.


Concrete foundations perform a key structural role, and the required strength and durability of the concrete must be considered. Typically concrete with a compressive strength class from C25/30 upwards is supplied for such applications. In specialist applications where aggressive ground conditions exist such as on brownfield construction sites, a high sulfate resistance may be required.

Floor Concrete

Internal floors typically have a compressive strength class from C25/30 upwards in domestic applications and C28/35 upwards in commercial applications. Concrete for flooring applications will typically be power trowelled and needs to be placed, finished and cured carefully by experienced personnel. Microfibre can be added to the concrete mix to aid with control of plastic shrinkage and for more demanding commercial applications, structural steel fibre can be incorporated into the concrete mix design to reduce traditional reinforcement requirements. The workability (slump) requirement and method of placement needs to be advised when ordering concrete for such applications.

Concrete Floor

Walls & Columns

Column Concrete


A range of concrete mixes can be used for walls and columns, this is typically a structural application and the required strength and durability needs to be carefully considered and designed.


Footpaths typically have a compressive strength class from C25/30 for one of houses and for commercial applications the concrete is designed to meet freeze thaw exposure class requirements from Table NA.6 of IS EN 206:2013. The concrete mixes are available in 20mm & 10mm aggregate sizes and wide range of slumps, Extra sand/Pumps mixes are recommend as they are more cohesive which assists with the placement and finishing of the concrete.


External Slabs and Yards

External Yard & Slab Conack IDA Castletroy

External slabs and yards typically have a compressive strength of C28/35 upwards. The application can have a variety of finishes but typically a brush finish is applied to provide break resistance for vehicles and machinery. The concrete design should be durable to with hold the wheel axle loading of the Vehicle/Heavy machinery over the design life of the slab, in particular the weather conditions that the slab is exposed should be carefully considered.  

Kerb Bedding and Backing Concrete

Kerb bedding and backing concrete have typically a compressive strength of C12/15 upwards. The concrete is generally supplied in a semi dry slump but is available in other slumps depending on project specific requirements.

Kerb Concrete 2

Blinding Concrete

Blinding Concrete

Blinding concrete have a typical compressive strength of C8/10 upwards, it is available in 20mm & 10mm aggregate. The concrete can be supplied in all slump classes. 

Blinding concrete is designed to pour a thin layer of concrete under the foundation/floor of a new building to seal the structure and prevent the underlying material from interfering with the structure.

Semi-Dry Concrete

A semi-dry concrete mix contains a low volume of water within in the concrete mix, it typically relies on the natural moisture of the aggregates to initiate curing. Semi Dry content is available in Compressive strength of C8/10 upwards and in 20mm & 10mm aggregate. A slump test is not applicable to this concrete mix.


Lean Mix Concrete

Lean mix concrete is a low cement concrete (Lean Concrete). The concrete can be used for a wide range of applications. Lean mix concrete can be supplied in a compressive strength of C8/10 upwards and all slump classes in accordance with EN 206:2013.

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