Accelerated Set Concrete


Accelerator admixtures are designed to accelerate the cement hydration cycle of the concrete.  The addition of the admixture decreases the setting which allows the curing time to start earlier. Typically, this admixture is used in in cold conditions to protect the concrete from frost damage.

Product Application:

Suitable to both horizontal and vertical element such as columns, walls and floors. Accelerated set concrete should only be placed by trained and experience personnel. Please refer below to Kilsaran usage guidelines;

  1. The Accelerator will need to be added on site. From the time this is added the load will need to be discharge within 30minutes.
  2. After 30 minutes the load will need to be discharge immediately. There will need to be an emergency tipping point that can be easily accessed by the truck.
  3. The concrete set will be severely accelerated and with that there is a very high risk of flash set with the warm weather.
  4. You will need to have enough personal to rapidly compact and finish the concrete.
  5. Curing will need to also be applied rapidly.
  6. As soon as the concrete has set expansion joints should be cut without delay.
  7.  During periods of cold weather concrete temperatures must be above 5° to insure appropriate use of accelerator.

Product Features:

  • Fast construction process
  • Early load bearing capacity
  • Designed to increase early strength of concrete of concrete in cold conditions
  • Early removal of formwork

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