CarbonCure FAQ's

CarbonCure’s technology beneficially repurposes carbon dioxide (CO2) to reduce the carbon footprint of concrete without impacting performance.

CarbonCure enables concrete producers to reduce the carbon footprint of concrete without compromising quality or performance. Using an approach known as CO2 utilization, CarbonCure's technology introduces post-industrial carbon dioxide (CO2) to freshly mixed concrete, where it converts to a solid mineral, calcium carbonate (CaCO3). The addition of CO2 can improve the compressive strength of concrete without impacting other fresh or hardened properties of concrete, enabling the use of less cementitious materials while achieving equivalent performance.



Yes, Kilsaran have started a phased introduction of CarbonCure in two plant locations in Dublin, our Millennium plant and Tallaght plant. CarbonCure is available for projects within an 15km radius of our Millennium and Tallaght plant locations

It is most suitable for large commercial projects based in Dublin

Not at the moment.

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