Kilsarans Millennium Concrete Plant

Kilsarans Millennium Concrete Plant, based in County Dublin, is one of the largest concrete plants in Europe and serves the greater Dublin area as well as supplementing all our other concrete plants in Dublin and beyond.

Our Millennium plant has been in operation since early 2020 and has an output capacity of approximately 280 cubes per hour, run by two four cubic meter Teka pan mixers. We produce more than 2000 cubic meters each day with a loading capability of one truck every three and a half minutes.

The plant, designed by Concrete & Quarry Engineering Manufacturing Services has a storage capacity of approximately 4000 tonnes of aggregates. This plant has seven cement silos with a total capacity of 1250 tonne ranging from GGBS to ordinary cement. The PIL system is a fully automated batching system used to monitor the moisture content in the raw materials. It automatically adjusts the water content as required giving a more consistent mix as well as adjusting the batch size per mix to meet truck capacity.

We manage our orders and deliveries using the Simma. It can track a truck live through GPS. It will alert us when a truck is two kilometres away and allow us to have a load ready for dispatch. It reduces waiting times, increases efficiencies, and increases customer satisfaction due to on time delivery.

Kilsarans Millennium Concrete Plant is the largest concrete recycling plant in Europe. All unused concrete is recycled in this plant. Washout slurries, waters and aggregates are recycled as part of Kilsarans sustainability plan. The plant contains attenuation tanks underneath the footprint of the site, where all stormwater and rainwater is gathered, released in a controlled manner into the systems and also used within the production facility itself.

Recent upgrades to the delivery dockets and weighbridge system mean the plant is completely paper-free. It all makes Kilsarans Millennium Concrete plant one of the most environmentally friendly concrete plants in the country.

“We look forward to continuously improving our sustainability and environmental achievements, increasing our efficiencies and output capacities and continuing to meet our customers’ needs.” Ciaran Kearns Plant Manager with Kilsaran


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