Tips and Tricks: Aftercare and Maintenance

We’re here to help you protect your investment with top tips and tricks for Kilsaran Paving Aftercare and Maintenance.

Sealing and Protection

Our enviro-friendly sealer, K- Seal,  offers all-round protection. This water-based impregnating treatment for concrete paving provides a liquid and oil resistant surface, without changing the colour or texture of the surface. Available in standard and wet-look finishes.


K- Seal is Ideal for use on driveways, patios and paths, our sealer protects surfaces from weathering and penetration by: water, air-borne dirt, food stains, drinks, general dirt, oil and grease stains, chewing gum and organic growth (moss and lichens).

Additionally, our sealer limits the appearance of efflorescence and reduces spalling through repeated freeze/thaw cycles.

A properly sealed paving surface reduces aftercare, maintenance and cleaning overheads, leaving you more time to enjoy your home and garden!

General Dirt and Colour Masking

Regular brushing will remove most general dirt. If the dirt has become ingrained in the surface of the paving or if the paving has become dull or discoloured, scrubbing with soap and warm water will usually restore the surface. However some dulling of colour and ageing of the product is to be expected over time.

Excessive power-washing is not recommended as it is likely to remove some of the jointing material and can also damage the surface of the paving.

Moss, Lichens and Algae Growth

Moss, lichens or algae growth may occur in low traffic areas or where there is shading or insufficiently drainage. Commercially available patio and paving cleaners (found in local DIY Stores and Garden Centres) may be used but manufacturer’s instructions should be carefully followed.

Many of these cleaning agents are designed to inhibit the re-growth of moss, lichen, algae and weeds. In situations where re-growth is likely, more frequent use of such cleaning agents may be required.

Please note: Pets and children should be kept clear from areas treated with chemical-based cleaners as they make contain harmful ingredients.

Efflorescene or ‘Lime Bloom’

What is efflorescence?

Efflorescence is the appearance of white stains on the surface of paving products. It is caused by a natural process where calcium hydroxide is created as a by-product of the reaction of cement with water.

It should be noted that efflorescence is a purely cosmetic issue and is in no way harmful to the paved area. Nor is it indicative of poor manufacturing or sub-standard materials.

There are typically two types of efflorescence associated with concrete paving: 1) initial efflorescence – occurring after production and usually easily removed during the sanding and finishing operation and 2) subsequent efflorescence – occurring after laying, where white patches appear on the paved area.
When concrete becomes wet and dries slowly, this can occasionally result in temporary efflorescence deposits.

How To Get Rid of It?

Efflorescence will disappear over time – generally within the first year or two, as the area is exposed to natural weathering. Deposits tends to dissipate more rapidly from higher traffic areas.

In the event that efflorescence needs to be removed more quickly, commercial cleaning agents are available. However, most of these cleaning agents contain acids and/or detergents which may, if used incorrectly, cause injury, damage and discolouration to the paving. When applying these products, it is best to test on a small inconspicuous area before proceeding and to follow the manufacturer’s instructions at all times.

Please note: Kilsaran does not recommend the use of chemical or acid based cleaners for the removal of efflorescence.

Removal of Chewing Gum

Small quantities of freshly deposited chewing gum can be removed using a paint scraper or similar tool. Older deposits may be removed using a chisel or steam/hot water removal methods. More resistant deposits may require the application of spray-on freezing agents which freeze the gum and allow it to be chiseled off when it has hardened.


The above information serves as a guideline only. Kilsaran does not accept responsibility for damage or colour leaching/fading caused by the use of third party cleaning or detergent chemicals when used on our paving products. As concrete paving is made from naturally occurring aggregates some slight and normal colour variation may occur. Efflorescence may occur as a naturally occurring phenomenon when temporary white stains may appear on the paving surface. Kilsaran cannot accept responsibility for these natural occurrences.

We hope you found this helpful to keeping your Kilsaran Paving in top shape!

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