Introducing KPRO Façade UNO 


Kilsaran KPRO Façade UNO Render is a through-coloured decorative rendering mortar. It is designed for single coat application to the most common brickwork and blockwork backgrounds. The material is available in 15 aesthetically pleasing colours. 

UNO is self-coloured, breathable, weather-resistant and is formulated for both hand and machine application. The minimum finished thickness of Kilsaran UNO render should be no less than 15mm. It is recommended that UNO render is given a scraped texture finish to ensure colour conformity. 

This product has many advantages over other rendering mortars currently available including: 

  • Increased productivity
  • Excellent workability and adhesion
  • Excellent resistance to wind-driven rain
  • Low maintenance 
  • Improved breathability
  • Low shrinkage/good crack resistance 


Kilsaran has recently rebranded its Dry Products division to KPRO Facades and Mortars. UNO is part of the Kilsaran Facade range of renders, one of the seven families of dry mortar products in Kilsaran’s KPRO division. The rebrand comes at a time when the company in ramping up production at its plant in Kilcullen,  Co. Kildare with the addition of a second dry mortar production facility with cutting edge manufacturing technology along with further expansion of their onsite research and development and material testing laboratories.  

KPRO is the overarching brand that sits across Kilsarans seven families of dry mortar products which include Masonry, Facade, Street, Floor, Crete, Grout and Repair each with their own distinctive colourway.  

For further information on the application of our UNO One Coat Render please see our KPRO Façade UNO webpage by visiting; https://www.kilsaraninternational.co.uk/product/kpro-facade-uno/ 

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