Continuing Professional Development

As the leading body on the management and development of people we have a strong interest in your professional growth. The credibility of the HR and L&D profession is based fundamentally on the commitment of individual members to continuing self-improvement. This is why we’re so keen to provide tools and resources that help you build purposeful learning into the routine of your professional life.

Read how our CPD policy ensures our members maintain their professional knowledge and competence.


Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is a mandatory requirement for CIRI registration. The CIRI CPD process requires an overall company approach to CPD, capturing the combined competences of a range of individuals, in a variety of occupations, working at different levels in each CIRI organisation.

Structured CPD includes attending formal courses approved as structured CPD, company training and development, structured and verified tool box talks, attending and speaking at verified conferences and CPD events, and online learning.

All CIRI members are required to ensure that the personnel within their organisations are competent and informed on current thinking and developments relating to their role and to the type and level of their individual responsibility. Each organisation will be required to plan, record and verify the CPD activities of its personnel, and should be able to provide evidence that the training and development activities undertaken address the needs identified.

Below is a list of some of the providers of Structured Continuous Professional Development. Please note, this is not an exhaustive list and is intended to act as a guideline only.

Ireland’s Institutes of Technology, provide programmes that reflect current and emerging knowledge and practices and promote self-management, critical analysis, decision making and entrepreneurship. There are a huge selection of formal courses that can be undertaken to enhance your Professional Development and that are geared towards the Construction Industry & Built Environment. To go to the respective Institute, please click on the respective name.


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