The Project

The Moxy Hotel as part of the Marriott Group specified a bespoke polished concrete floor. Stone Seal in collaboration with Kilsaran were on hand to bring that vision to life. Stone Seal did so by using the structural reinforced slab supplied by Kilsaran and laid by the main contractors Conack Construction under the instruction of Stone Seal.


The Product

After full cure Stone Seal carried out their Superconcrete process to reform the concrete surface into a durable scratch and stain resistant architectural floor. During the process we began the creative staining by using a black acetone pigment dye that became a uniquely integral part of the floor finish.


The Process

The process involved Stone Seal creating the image designed by Jean Feeney and the team at MCA architects and created it on an adhesive decal system. The 1m2 decal sections where carefully placed into position and set on the semi polished surface. After alignment and hand cutting the outline, the outer floor & surrounding surfaces where protected and the polished concrete was treated with a black liquid pigment mixed with an acid-tone solution so that it would penetrate into the concrete surface through the exposed decal making it a permanent stained feature.

After drying we removed the decal system to expose the image then continued to refine the floor via diamond polishing closing the pores of the concrete surface and locking the decorative feature placed.

The floor was put into use with no fear of the stained feature scratching or wearing from the floor surface.


The People

  • Main Contractor: Conack Construction
  • Contractor: Stoneseal Ltd.
  • Architect: MCA Architects
  • Location: 1-5 Sackville Place, Dublin.
  • Product: Kilsaran Concrete.
  • Product: Stoneseal Acetone Pigment Dye.

You can learn more about these products or view product specifications here:

Moxy Hotel076
Moxy Hotel090

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