DIT Campus, Grangegorman – Paving and Walling

Kilsaran Products

  • Clima-pave Grangegorman 200x125x120mm in Light Ocher and Dark Ochre
  • Streetscape Bedding Materials
  • K-Seal – All Paving was factory pre-sealed


Grangegorman Authorities


Mitchell & Associates and Scott Tallon Walker



Mitchell + Associates, the leading landscape architects for this unique project contacted Kilsaran`s Specification Manager, Dermot Cowler. The brief was to allow the public space to be enjoyed and used on a regular basis and help revitalize the local community. Activities included such things as markets and funfairs, so the demands for the hard landscaping were to be very heavy. 

We had to design a product that would not only cope with this but also sympathise with the aesthetics of the project. Mitchell + Associates didn’t stop there as they also wanted to look into the possibilities of using a Sustainable Urban Drainage System, on the project as well.


The use of a permeable paving system has many added benefits. Permeable paving (Clima-Pave) helps eliminates flood water retention, awkward puddles and hazardous patches of ice meaning the area can be used in all climatic conditions with confidence. Another large benefit to using permeable paving is the reduction in the maintenance schedule, there is significantly less weed growth with a permeable paving system over conventional paving. This in turn helps to save time and money over the whole life cycle of the project, something that the client


Grangegorman Paving Clima Pave
Grangegorman Authorities, Contractor and Landscape Architect were all very keen on, a sustainable public realm that would stay looking gorgeous for a long time. The hard landscaping area was in excess of 7000m2 and consisted of not only bespoke sizes but new colours also. These were required to complement the natural stone being incorporated into the design and also the existing building. Kilsaran`s newest permeable paving unit, Clima-Pave Grangegorman 200x125x120mm was developed, in Light Ocher and Dark Ochre. 
The colours chosen by the architect were to help blend the fully sustainable and permeable landscaping solution, so it had the feel and look, of a hard landscaping solution that had always been there! The complexity of the build didn’t stop there; they also require a paving flag that would be mortar jointed in tandem with the natural stone. Kilsaran`s in house technical team were able to not only help in the design of the new flag for its aesthetic and more importantly its strength properties but were also able to help with the Streetscape material, the unique bedding compounds for the natural stone and new 400x250x120mm concrete flag in-situ.
Finally the paving units were all factory pre-sealed with Kilsaran K-Seal to prevent airbourne dirt from adhering to the surface. This process reduces maintenance and cleaning time by up to 80% and is ideal for areas such as this with a very high level of foot traffic.
Grangegorman Paving Kilsaran
Grangegorman Paving Kilsaran

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