The Project

After more than two years of construction and £100m of investment, Clippers Quay in Salford is adding a new chapter to it’s history, with the development of 614 apartments with more than 1,200 residents and 7 new retail businesses.  


The Product

For Clippers Quay Slane ClimaPave in a Brindle finish was chosen as it best reflected the characteristics of the buildings and gave the desired “cobbled look” synonymous with the region.

The Slane paving brick is the mainstay of Kilsaran’s paving portfolio. A solid, dependable, hard wearing product, wonderfully versatile and available in a wide range of  colour finishes.


The Process

Kilsaran’s ClimaPave paving was chosen as an alternative to conventional paving as it allows water to filter through the paved structure rather than running off it. Both the surface and the sub-sections need to be designed with this function in mind.

Residual water filters directly into a purpose built sustainable drainage systems with on-site water storage and a negotiated outfall into the adjacent Manchester Ship Canal.


The People

  • Client: Amstone
  • Paving Supplier: Hardscapes
  • Architect: Leach Rhodes Walker
  • Location: Salford, UK
  • Product: Kilsaran ClimaPave Slane in Brindle.
  • Photo Credit: Hardscapes

You can learn more about these products or view product specifications here:

Kilsaran_Paving_Slane_Clippers Quay_Salford (2)
Kilsaran_Paving_Slane_Clippers Quay_Salford (5)

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