Paving Flags

  • Haddington by Diarmuid Gavin

    Haddington by Diarmuid Gavin

    The innovatively designed Haddington paving flags are part of the new and ever expanding Paving collection by Diarmund Gavin. With its angled grooved finish this 40mm flag paving unit is ideal for those looking ...

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  • Quayside by Diarmuid Gavin

    Quayside by Diarmuid Gavin

    In collaboration with Diarmuid Gavin we are delighted to unveil the Quayside paving unit. This unique design offers a contemporary feel for those looking for a crisp mmodern landscaping solution. It takes hard l...

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  • Tie-Stone by Diarmuid Gavin

    Tie-Stone by Diarmuid Gavin

    A versatile new paving unit used as a stand alone product or alternatively incorporated with the Quayside Range to create a unique design for your home. The paving unit is designed to have increased interlocking...

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  • Belvedere by Diarmuid Gavin

    Belvedere by Diarmuid Gavin

    With a riven surface and irregular edges, the Belvedere paving flag range is full of old world charm. Coming in a pack of four distinct sizes, the range perfectly recreates the feel of an old abbey, cathedral or...

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  • Shelbourne


    The ground surface of Shelbourne gives this range a sophisticated feel and eye-catching look. A choice of colours and sizes means that the Shelbourne range can work in any landscape design.

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  • Newgrange Flag

    Newgrange Flag

    With a subtle textured finish brought about by shot-blasting and a large choice of colours and sizes the Newgrange paving flag range is a favourite for those looking to create an elegant and contemporary look fo...

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  • Killeen


    The ground surface of Killeen gives this range of paving flags a sophisticated feel and eye-catching look. Killeen comes in a 4-size mix and a choice of colours.

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  • Cashel


    Perfect for patios, Cashel paving flags have a surface effect that replicates the rustic appeal of natural stone.

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  • Classic Flags

    Classic Flags

    The original patio paving flags, are as popular today as they have always been. Easy to install with a large selection of colours and sizes makes this range a potential favourite. 

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