Paving Blocks

  • Newgrange Block

    Newgrange Block

    The distinctive look of Newgrange paving lies in its fine shot-blasted finish. The light textured feel combined with inspiring colours makes this range stand out from the crowd. Paving blocks are available in th...

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  • Tara Block

    Tara Block

    The coarse surface texture of the Tara range offers superb skid resistance in addition to a great look.

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  • Mellifont


    With its edges and surface gently worn by our exclusive antiquing process, the Mellifont paving range is ideal when creating a rustic and 'old world' look on your driveway or patio. These paving blocks are avail...

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  • Corrib


    The smooth surface finish and subtle bevelled edge of the Corrib range makes it an ideal choice for driveway paving. With a large colour palette to choose from there is sure to be a perfect match for your home.

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  • Channel Block

    Channel Block

    Traditional dished channel block unit. Suitable for trafficking - 80mm in depth. Available in 2 colours.

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  • Inish


    Inish is a landscape designers dream block with smooth lines and sharp edges it brings a cutting edge design to life. Also availale in a aged (rumbled) look Inish is one of most popular block paving.

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  • Lismore


    A contemporary range coming in a large selection of colours and sizes, Lismore paving blocks are a popular choice for driveways and patios. Sharp lines and a smooth surface finish make it a stylish addition to any des...

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  • Slane


    A paving design classic, Slane will never go out of fashion. The popularity of this paving block range lies in its ease of installation, large choice of colours and in its shape, which allows different patterns ...

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